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Best of DETAIL: Landschaft / Landscape

best of DETAIL: Landschaft/Landscape

Industrialisation, mechanisation and expansion have wrought profound changes on European cities and the surrounding landscapes in the last century. As regards the positive social and healthy development of inhabitants, landscape planning has become an integral part of all urban planning.Sometimes it is possible to truly merge nature and architecture. “best of DETAIL Landscape” presents highlights of the past few years from DETAIL: buildings that disappear into their surroundings, lush meadows revealed as roofscapes only after closer inspection, paths and walkways through jungle-like gardens.Architecture and cities can no longer be counterpoints to nature and the landscape. Rather they should strive to create stunning symbioses. 

best of DETAIL: Landschaft/Landscape

Format Paperback
No. of Pages 200
Item Weight 1 kg 10 g
Dimenstion 21.34 x 1.78 x 29.97 cm

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