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Illusive 4: Contemporary Illustrations
-30 %
Brand: Gestalten Author: John Reilly
Illusive 4: Contemporary IllustrationsWhether as a complement to written content or a stand-alone attention getter, illustration is being used more and more often to set prominent accents. Illustrations have become a key component of advertising, communication, reporting, and other media. Because vi..
₹1,892 ₹2,703
Brand: Gestalten Author: Robert Klanten, Anna Sinofzik
Start Me Up!: New Branding for BusinessesLittle brand, big effect: in the age of startups and a new generation of entrepreneurs, corporate design is being redefined through distinctive visual creativity. Never before has there been more enthusiasm surrounding entrepreneurship. Today, young entrepren..
₹3,607 ₹3,607
Studio on Fire: Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty
-30 %
Brand: Gestalten Author: Studio On Fire Studio
Studio on Fire: Iron Beasts Make Great BeautyStudio On Fire is at the forefront of the current rediscovery of old printing machines and techniques by young designers. Young designers and typographers are currently rediscovering traditional printing methods and using them to give their work a special..
₹2,768 ₹3,955
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