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Anjalendran Architect Of Sri Lanka
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Brand: Tuttle Publishing Author: David Robson, Waruna Gomis
Anjalendran : Architect Of Sri LankaThis beautifully illustrated book showcases the works of one of Sri Landa’s most influential architects-Anjaledran, an ethnic Tamil and visionary artist.During the past 25 years of civil war in Sri Lanka, Anjalendran has stayed on, creating architecture that has a..
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Korea Style
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Brand: Tuttle Publishing Author: Marcia Iwatate + Kim Unsoo
Korea StyleKorea Style reveals the intrinsic elements of Korean design; simplicity, moderation, constraint, and a deep respect for all things natural. Despite the filtering of Japanese and Western design ideas into Korea over the millennia, the peninsula has maintained its own identity and is gainin..
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