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Architecture Conceptual to the Manifest
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Brand: Aadi Centre Author: Khulbushan Jain
Architecture Conceptual to the ManifestThis book brings forth, to some extent, universal meaning in aspects of architecture that continue to retain their value and show how concepts have been built around them. Yet, they manifest differently and achieve in commensurable qualities.Architecture Concep..
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Architecture Of A Royal Camp: The Retrived Fort Of Nagpur
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Brand: Aadi Centre Author: M. Jain
Architecture Of A Royal Camp: The Retrived Fort Of NagpurThis book is an publication on Indian architecture. It is an important source for international & domestic travelers to develop the city of Nagpur into cultural and tourism destinations. It uncovers the history of Jodhpur,Shekhwati, Bikane..
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Conserving architecture
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Brand: Aadi Centre Author: Kulbhushan Jain
Conserving architecture..
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