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Cozy Wood Interiors
-30 %
Brand: Links International Author: Carles Broto
Cozy Wood InteriorsThis title includes new wood interiors of the highest quality. It features work from 25 established and up-and-coming architects, including Mathias Klotz, Simon Conder Associates, Pierre Thibault, Masahiro Ikeda and XTEN Architecture. The architects featured in this book have in c..
₹1,324 ₹1,891
In Style Asia
-30 %
Brand: Links International Author: Tatjana Schantz Johnsson
In Style AsiaThis inspiring book takes readers on a visual journey through Asia, with stops in elegant rooms that reflect eight different cultures. “Decorating Asia” reveals how to incorporate the distinctive design elements of the Far East in homes, offices, and other interiors. With a focus on the..
₹1,931 ₹2,758
Today’s Culture Facilities
-30 %
Brand: Links International Author: Eduardo Broto
Today’s Culture FacilitiesMuseums, universities, schools, libraries?cultural facilities are the public face of a society. Here are today?s most creative educational and cultural buildings, all designed to blend form and function. Dozens of outstanding projects from around the world are shown with fu..
₹2,482 ₹3,546
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