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101 Hotel Baths & Spas
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk
101 Hotel Baths & SpasDue to the significant growth of the global holistic health movement during the past years, the wellness factor plays an increasingly crucial role in the hospitality industry. Today, high value is always attached to beautiful bathrooms and spa areas – whether for newly cons..
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Michelle-Galindo
country-house-architecture-designCountry houses are becoming more popular as the urban stress rises around the globe - living in the countryside means giving a piece of peace back and connecting back to nature. The rural retreats offer a refuge in nature from the hustle and bustle of daily urban lif..
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Fire, Crime & Accident: Fire Departments, Police Stations, Rescue Services
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Chris Van
Fire, Crime & Accident: Fire Departments, Police Stations, Rescue ServicesArchitecture for rescue services has come a long way in the past decade. Buildings for the police, fire brigades and ambulance stations have lost their often purely functional and shed-like appearance and have begun to str..
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Masterpieces: Roof Architecture + Design
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Manuela Roth
Masterpieces: Roof Architecture + DesignAffordable building lots in Central locations in the large cities and metropolises are rare. When there are no available gaps in the urban structure, attic conversions and extensions are an interesting and favoured form of reclassification. This volume explore..
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Waterscapes: Contemporary Landscaping
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Chris van
Waterscapes: Contemporary LandscapingWater is the scarcest of all natural resources. It is a global challenge to develop, produce and deploy technologies, systems and products for sustainable water consumption. The model for this approach is the world leader grohe, which has been working for some ti..
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Work! Best of Office Design
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Brand: Braun Publishing Author: Stephenschulz + Annika + Roche
Work! Best of Office DesignContemporary office design is a balancing act between meeting functional and technical requirements and creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere. Starting with traditional cubicles, on to custom designed work environments, and ending in open team spacWork! Best of Offi..
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