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Brand: RAL Color Author: VF6619
RAL D2The RAL D2 fan deck shows all 1,825 colours of the RAL DESIGN system on 9 colours per page. The finding of colour shades is facilitated due to the arrangement of colours by the criteria hue (H), lightness (L) and chroma (C). The foundation of the RAL DESIGN system is the the CIELab colour spac..
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Brand: RAL Color Author: VF6616
RAL E4Colour fan deck with all 70 RAL EFFECT metallic colours.70 metallic coloursfull page colour illustration 12.8 x 5.0 cmbased on acrylic paints, high glossRAL E4..
₹3,500 ₹5,000
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Brand: RAL Color Author: RAL DESIGN
RAL K5The colour fan deck RAL K5 contains all 213 RAL CLASSIC colours. Due to the full-page colour illustration, it is especially suitable for colour combinations and colour comparisons.U-shaped protective coverfull page colour illustration 5.0 x 15.0 cmwell-suited for colour combination and colour ..
₹3,750 ₹5,500
RAL K5 Colour Charts Semi Matte & Gloss Combo RAL K5 Colour Charts Semi Matte & Gloss Combo
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Brand: RAL Color Author: RC003
The RAL CLASSIC colour collection has been essential for the precise communication of colours for over 80 years. Therefore, ‘RAL 1037 Sun Yellow’ is the exact same colour everywhere in the world.Special Discount for Both Semi Matte and Gloss Finish for RAL K5RAL K5 - Colour fan deck with 213 RA..
₹7,500 ₹9,500
RAL K7 Classic Colour Chart RAL K7 Classic Colour Chart
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Brand: RAL Color Author: RALK7
Contains 213 Solid ColoursColor Chart Size: 5.0 x 15.0 cmEach Page Having 5 ColorsEach Color Illustration 2.0 x 5.0 cmGenuine Original RAL K7 Classic Color ChartsThe RAL K7 Classic Shade Cards Features 213 Solid Sport Colors. Each page having five shadesThe RAL K7 Classic Color Charts showcase the s..
₹1,250 ₹2,200
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