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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings Two Volume Set

100 Contemporary Wood Buildings Two Volume Set
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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings Two Volume Set
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  • Author: Philip Jodidio
  • ISBN: 978-3836542814
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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings Two Volume Set

 Wood has been considered as a thing of past in a recent years and the replaced by modern materials like concrete and steel. But the reality differs Wood has seen a spectacular rebirth in contemporary building, bolstered by new manufacturing techniques and environmental benefits. The two-volume review focus at how architectural all around the globe has used minimal things to create and invent something in the world.

Wood Is The Interest of Architects

 It caters the interest of architects around the world, with follies, very big buildings, and ambitious urban restoration initiatives. We can see how wood can both change urban places, as in Jurgen Mayer H.'s Metropol Parasol in Seville, and allow for delicate interventions in natural surroundings, as in German del Sol's Term as Geometric as Hot Springs Complex in Pucon, Chile.


The book pays honor to numerous new worldwide talents as well as recognized luminaries such as Tadao Ando and Renzo Piano, as do all TASCHEN architecture books. It honors' each architect's creativity and vision while also delving into the techniques, trends, and concepts that have influenced their woodwork. It looks at computer-guided milling, which has allowed for imaginative new forms, responsible harvesting, which allows wood to fit with our environmental concerns, and, above all, wood's enduring appeal to our senses and psychology, which brings a sense of Arcadian simplicity to our frenetic modern lives.

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