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+91 RESIDENCES - Contemporary Indian Houses

+91 RESIDENCES - Contemporary Indian Houses
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+91 RESIDENCES - Contemporary Indian Houses
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  • Author: Nithya Srinivasan, Kiran Venkatesh
  • ISBN: 978-8190823814
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+91 RESIDENCES - Contemporary Indian Houses

+91 RESIDENCES features 91 built houses, 19 works-in progress and a model display of over 40 houses designed by over 75 architects in more than 25 cities and towns across India.

The book includes drawings,

photographs and a brief write up on 110 houses across the country designed by architects between 2000-2009. Featured residences differ in the nature of their locations from dense urban sites to picturesque locales.

The architectural solutions these projects offer highlight various issues confronted by the architects ranging from the grapple with dichotomies (of say traditional vs. modern and local vs. global), the move beyond modernism, the derivation of forms based on generative geometries, experimentation with conventional and alternative building materials and technology and address of site specifics.

+91 RESIDENCES - Contemporary Indian Houses
Format Hardcover
No. of Pages 270
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