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Louis I.Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974

Louis I.Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974
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Louis I.Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974

This book owes its concept to the transparency of the work process of Louis I. Kahn, whose ideas are preserved in the wealth of sketches he did whenever developing new concepts or working out details for new building projects. Sketches and plans of different developmental stages of his projects are laid out in a basically chronological order and these are complemented by relevant extracts from his writings and speeches and by his commentary while this documentation was being prepared in 1973 – the year before his death.

As in the first edition, the authors aim has not been to interpret or evaluate. Rather, they wish to provide the scholar with a solid base for further research, allowing him to follow the traces of a remarkably creative mind that revered architecture as a manifestation of man as spirit. 

Louis I.Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974

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